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5 inch lcd maintenance method

After using the 5 inch lcd for a period of time, you will find that a layer of dust is often adsorbed on the display screen (it is more obvious when the LCD is turned off), and sometimes various water stains are accidentally stuck on it, which will definitely affect the visual effect greatly. So how to clean 5 inch lcd?
1. The 5 inch lcd manufacturer tells you to turn off the LCD power first, and remove the power cord plug and graphics card connector plug.

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2. The 5 inch lcd manufacturer tells you to move the LCD to a place with better natural light, so that you can see where the dust is, which is more conducive to targeted, so as to achieve a better cleaning effect.
3. The 5 inch lcd manufacturer tells you that you do not need any special solution or cloth to clean the TFT LCD screen. Experience tells us that clean water + a soft lint-free cloth or pure cotton lint-free cloth is a good TFT LCD screen cleaning tool (no Scrap paper towels will also work). Use pure cotton lint-free when cleaning.
The 5 inch lcd manufacturer tells you that the cloth is dipped in water and then wrung out slightly, and then gently wipe the dust on the display with a slightly damp, soft, lint-free cloth (do not squeeze the display too hard). Rub to the other side until it's all wiped clean, don't swipe around.

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