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5 inch lcd manufacturers take you to understand the precautions for the use of LCD

5 inch lcd manufacturers tell you that liquid crystal is a new physical form. When the substance is heated until the crystal melts, it changes into a milky white turbid liquid. If the heating continues, the milky white liquid will become a completely transparent liquid. This phenomenon also occurs during the cooling process. The 5 inch lcd manufacturer tells you that this milky white liquid is different from ordinary liquids when observed with a polarizing microscope, showing optical anisotropy, that is, the molecules in the object are arranged in a certain degree of order, which is different from the traditional concept of solid and liquid. Not the same, is defined as liquid crystal.

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Notes on the use of LCD:
1. The influence of ultraviolet light
Destroy the C-C bond, break the polymer C chain, and affect the above properties;
2. The influence of temperature
The 5 inch lcd manufacturer tells you that the liquid crystal is less sensitive to temperature than to ultraviolet light. During use, try to reduce the heating time of the liquid crystal as much as possible, and avoid heating to a higher temperature, such as not higher than the clearing point 35. °C.
3. The influence of the environment
5 inch lcd manufacturers tell you that a small amount of conductive material is enough to reduce the resistivity, because the resistivity of the liquid crystal is 1011-1012Ω/cm2,
4. The impact of containers
A good one to use is hard glass, a high silicon boron glass. The 5 inch lcd manufacturer tells you that the material of ordinary glass bottles is soda glass, and the resistivity of liquid crystals stored in glass containers will decrease.
The 5 inch lcd manufacturer tells you the conditions for the preservation of the liquid crystal of the LCD screen: sealed, protected from light, dry, and room temperature.

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