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Structural design of tft lcd module

Because of its thin thickness and excellent picture quality, the tft lcd module can realize high-speed, high-brightness and high-contrast display of information, and has been widely used in image display systems. Although the tft lcd module has good display performance, the drive signal of the tft lcd module is very complicated, and the amount of data that the peripheral control unit needs to process is very large. Due to the large amount of image data, most of the images are compressed and stored, including jpeg format Compressed images of are the most widely used.

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The main functions implemented by the tft lcd module are: jpeg format image decoding; support for the display of 24bit color rgb image data and jpeg two format images; display of characters; data storage capacity of 64mbyte, which can realize the update of the image library and the character library ; Different serial port baud rates can be set.
The tft lcd module hardware includes 4 parts: arm9s3c2440x processor, data storage module, liquid crystal display module and rs232 serial communication module. Two types of non-volatile flash memory, nand flash and nor flash, are used in the module. Considering that nor flash has the characteristics of in-chip execution and high reliability, it is used to store the program code run by the arm9 processor; the nand flash with large storage capacity and high cell density is used to store massive data, as an image library and character library Storage unit. Sdram is used as an external memory. tft-lcd lq080v3dg01 is used as the display screen of the module. Communication with other external modules adopts rs232 serial port mode.

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