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What are the advantages and disadvantages of capacitive touch panel products

The global touch panel is mainly resistive, accounting for about 60%, and the remaining 24% are capacitive touch panel products. The capacitive touch panel can be divided into surface capacitive, projected capacitive (multi-touch capacitive), etc.surface capacitive mainly U.S. companies are the leading manufacturers, and they are widely used in public information systems such as industrial instruments, ATM, kiosk, and pos.

Cheapest capacitive touch panel supplier(s) china
The capacitive touch panel manufacturer tells you that the price is higher because the application area of ​​this kind is mostly outdoors or in environments with stricter temperature and humidity specifications. The projected capacitors are etched to form a matrix on the ito layer, so that in addition to the capacitance formed on the surface when the human body is in contact, the capacitance value between the intersection of the xy axis will also change. Capacitive touch panel manufacturers tell you that it has the advantages of high durability and less drift than surface capacitors. It is regarded as the mainstream capacitive technology in the future.
1. Unstable. The capacitive touch panel manufacturer tells you that the method of coupling capacitors is directly affected by temperature, humidity, finger wetness, human body weight, and ground dryness. It is also greatly interfered by large-area external objects, resulting in unstable results. 
2. The defective rate is higher than that of resistive screens. The outermost layer of extremely thin glass has very good anti-scratch performance under normal conditions, but the process requires manufacturing under vacuum. This extremely thin layer of glass has a 5% probability of encountering a product with a hole. 
3. Capacitive touch panel manufacturers tell you that its service life is generally shorter than that of resistive screens (3 years for resistive touch panels and 2 years for capacitive touch panels). 
The capacitive touch panel manufacturer tells you that its advantage is that the light transmittance and clarity are better than resistive screens.

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