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How the touch screen module works

The touch screen module is actually a touch sensor. In fact, it simply transmits signals through touch. The most common application is in the touch screen. The touch screen module is a multi-purpose capacitive sensing key processing chip, which is generally suitable for various applications. control of buttons. The human body can sense when it touches the metal surface on the sensor. When people use it, they usually add a certain thickness of plastic, glass and other materials on it, which will not affect the function of the touch screen module under normal circumstances. Of course, if the thickness of the covering material is too thick, it will also affect the sensitivity of the touch screen module during use.

Usage introduction: By touching the components on the touch screen module, you can feel whether the object is in contact with the sensor, which can be used to make some interactive devices that have contact with the human body; under normal conditions, the touch sensor outputs a low level; when the touch is touched with a finger When the metal surface on the sensor is touched, the sensor outputs a high level.
Principle introduction: The touch sensor is a touch switch module based on capacitive sensing. When the human body directly touches the metal surface on the sensor, due to the electric field of the human body, the human finger and the working surface form a coupling capacitance, which is sensed. Capacitive sensing touch switches can penetrate more than 20mm of insulating material housing (glass, plastic, etc.), and accurately detect the effective touch of fingers.
In fact, there are many applications of touch screen module in our life, such as some interactive intelligent modules such as various touch screens. The biggest advantage of touch screen module is to make human-computer interaction more convenient. For some people who do not understand computer operation or keyboard typing People are very convenient. At present, touch screen modules are widely used in various fields, such as industrial, medical, communication and other fields.
The above is a brief introduction to the touch screen module and its working principle. If you are interested in the touch screen module or other sensors, you can consult Tongcheng Chuangpin at any time, and we will try our best to answer it for you.

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