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tft capacitive touch manufacturers take you to understand what needs to be paid attention to when using capacitive touch screens

The tft capacitive touch manufacturer tells you that the capacitive touch screen is formed by a four-layer composite glass layer, and the inner surface layer and interlayer of each glass layer have a layer of ITO conductive material. The induced voltage is used to form a current to change the capacitance value of the area, so that the ICs at the four corners can determine the coordinate position of the induction area.

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The tft capacitive touch manufacturer tells you that because the capacitive touch screen realizes the touch function by detecting the change of the capacitive signal of the touch surface, it is easy to be interfered by the external electromagnetic environment. Therefore, the capacitive screen should be kept away from the interference source as far as possible, and the interference source mainly comes from the LCD screen and the power supply. When installing the machine, it is recommended to keep a distance of more than 1.5MM between the large-sized capacitive screen and the LCD screen. It is also recommended to choose a power supply with better quality as much as possible to prevent the interference signal from being too strong and unable to touch normally.
The tft capacitive touch manufacturer tells you that when a single TP is used for testing, please place an insulating material (such as foam, etc.) under the TP before testing. And in the test process, after moving the TP or unplugging the FPC, you need to unplug the USB cable again to ensure normal touch control. The TP is damaged due to improper operation. Because the back line of the TP is directly exposed to the outside, it is easy to be damaged by hard objects, so please handle the TP with care. In addition, the FPC is also a relatively fragile part, and the strength should be gentle when folding. , as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of fatal crashes.
The tft capacitive touch manufacturer tells you that the touch effect is not ideal, and sometimes the touch effect of the samples sent out for the first time is not ideal. Such as: random jumping point, disconnection, slow response, etc., please do not worry. Because the sample is only debugged for a single TP, it may be quite different from the whole machine environment, and it needs to be optimized for the whole machine.

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