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Advantages of capacitive touch screen

As a human-machine friendly industrial touch screen, capacitive touch screen has been widely used. The capacitive touch screen has low power, long service life and stable operation, and is warmly welcomed by the sales market. Various capacitive touch screen products are released one after another. So what are the advantages of capacitive touch screen? Let's take you to find out.

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Advantages of capacitive touch screen:
1. The actual operation is peculiar. The capacitive touch screen supports multi-point touch, and the actual operation is more visual and challenging.
2. It is not easy to touch the screen. Since the capacitive touch screen requires the amount of current to be sensed from the body, if the body can actually operate it, it will not have a certain relative when touched with other objects, so the possibility of touching the screen is basically prevented.
3. High wear resistance. Compared with the resistive touch screen, the capacitive touch screen has a stronger reflection in the anti-fouling, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and other aspects.
The relevant introduction about the advantages of capacitive touch screen is here, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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