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Dot matrix graphic lcd module of liquid crystal display module

The dot matrix graphic lcd module is also a type of dot matrix liquid crystal module. The characteristic of the graphic lcd module is that the dot matrix pixels are arranged continuously, and there is no space between the rows and columns in the arrangement. Therefore, continuous and complete graphics can be displayed. Since the graphic lcd module is also composed of X-Y matrix pixels, in addition to displaying graphics, it can also display characters. The following are three types of dot matrix graphic lcd module:

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1. Row and column driven
This is a kind of module that must be connected with a dedicated controller. The module is only equipped with general row drivers and column drivers. This kind of driver actually only has the general drive output terminal for pixels, while the input terminal is general. There are only 4 bits or less data input, shift signal input, latch input, AC signal input, etc., such as HD44100, IID66100, and so on. This kind of module must be connected to the control circuit, such as HD61830, SEDl330, etc., before it can be connected to the computer. The number of such modules is the largest and the most common. Although it is necessary to use a self-configured controller, it also leaves customers with the freedom to choose different controllers by themselves.
Two, row and column drive-control type
This is a module that can directly interface with the computer and rely on the computer to directly control the drive. The column drivers used by this type of module all have I/O bus data interfaces, and the module can be directly hung on the computer bus, thus eliminating the need for a dedicated controller, so the cost of the whole system is reduced. beneficial. It is very suitable for users who are very familiar with the programming of computer software because the number of pixels is not large and the functions of the whole machine are not many. However, it may take up part of your system's resources.
Three, row and column control type
This is a dot matrix graphic lcd module with a built-in controller. It is also a more popular category. This kind of graphic lcd module is not only equipped with row and column drivers like the first type, but also a dedicated controller for assembly. This kind of controller is the interface between the LCD driver and the computer. It is the simplest way to be controlled by the computer to receive and feed back all kinds of information from the computer. Through its own independent information processing, it realizes the management of the display buffer, and Provide various signals and pulses to the driver, and manipulate the driver to realize the display function of the module. This kind of controller has its own set of special instructions and its own character generator. The user must be familiar with the detailed manual of this controller before it can operate. This kind of graphic lcd module allows users to get rid of a series of tasks such as the design, processing, and production of the controller, and also enables the computer to avoid the cumbersome control of the display, and saves an internal resource of the host system.

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