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2.4 Maintenance method of inch tft lcd

  • Time of issue:2021-06-21

2.4 Maintenance method of inch tft lcd

(Summary description)2.4 inch tft lcd is more "delicate" than CRT display, how to maintain it?

  • Time of issue:2021-06-21
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2.4 inch tft lcd is more "delicate" than CRT display, how to maintain it?

customized 2.4 inch tft lcd for home user
1. How to clean 2.4 inch tft lcd
After using 2.4 inch tft lcd for a period of time, you will find that a layer of dust is often adsorbed on the display screen (it is more obvious when the LCD is turned off), and sometimes various water stains are accidentally stuck on, which will definitely greatly affect the visual effect , How to clean it?
①Turn off the LCD power first, and remove the power cord plug and graphics card connection cord plug.
②Move the LCD to a place with better natural light, so that you can see where the dust is, which is more conducive to a targeted, so as to achieve a better cleaning effect.
③ No special solution or cloth is needed to clean 2.4 inch tft lcd. Experience tells us that clean water + soft lint-free cloth or pure cotton lint-free cloth is a good 2.4 inch tft lcd cleaning tool (a paper towel that does not drop chips will work). When cleaning, you can use a cotton lint-free cloth dipped in clean water and then wring it dry slightly, and then gently wipe the dust on the display with a slightly damp soft lint-free cloth (do not squeeze the display forcefully). It is recommended to wipe from the display Wipe one side to the other side until everything is wiped clean, don't wipe it indiscriminately.
Tips: 2.4 inch tft lcd cannot be wiped with hard cloth or hard paper. At the same time, do not use cleaning fluids containing alcohol or acetone or cleaning agents containing chemical components, and do not spray the liquid directly onto the screen to prevent the liquid from penetrating into the protective film.



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