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2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers take you to understand: the working principle of TFT liquid crystal display

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) is a thin film field effect transistor. 2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers tell you that the so-called thin film transistor means that each liquid crystal pixel on the liquid crystal display is driven by the thin film transistor integrated behind it. This can display screen information at high speed, high brightness, and high contrast. The following 2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturer will take you to understand its working principle.

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2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers tell you how TFT works TFT is the abbreviation of "Thin Film Transistor", generally refers to the thin film liquid crystal display, but actually refers to the thin film transistor (matrix)-can "actively" on the screen Each independent pixel is controlled, which is the origin of the so-called active matrix TFT (active matrix TFT). So how exactly is the image produced?
The basic principle is very simple: the 2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturer tells you that the display screen is composed of many pixels that can emit light of any color. As long as you control each pixel to display the corresponding color, you can achieve the goal. 2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers tell you that backlight technology is generally used in TFT LCD. In order to accurately control the color and brightness of each pixel, a switch similar to a blind must be installed after each pixel. When the "blind" is opened Light can pass through, but light cannot pass through when the "blinds" are closed. Of course, technically, it is not as simple as the one just mentioned.
The 2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturer tells you that LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) uses the characteristics of liquid crystal (liquid when heated, and crystallized into solid when cooled). Generally, there are three forms of liquid crystal:
Smectic liquid crystal similar to clay
Nematic liquid crystal resembling a fine matchstick
2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers tell you that the liquid crystal display uses filaments, and when the external environment changes, its molecular structure will also change, and thus have different physical characteristics-it can achieve the purpose of letting light pass or blocking light-that is Just like the shutters.

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