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128*32 PMOLED COB black and white dot matrix module IC SSD1305 SPI interface



Product Description

2-1.Resolution: 128X32

2-2. OLED material: PM_OLED

2-3. Color: White

2-4. LCM working voltage (VCC): 3~5V;
             OLED screen operating voltage (Vdd) 2.4~3. 5V

2-5. OLED drive voltage rejection Vop: 12~13V

2-6. Working temperature: -30'C~70'C

2-7. Storage temperature: -40'C~80'C

2-8. Connection/Driver IC: COG/SSD1305

24P pitch 0.5mm FPC seat

2-9. Interface: SPI, with font

3-1. Module size: 74.1mm(L)*33.1mm(W)*7.50Maxmm(T)

3-2. Visible area (V/A): 57.00mm(L)*15.10mm(W)

3-3. Effective area (A/A): 55.02mm(L)*13.10mm(W)

3-4. Point distance: 0.43mm(L)*0.41mm(W)

3-5. Point size: 0.41mm(L)*O. 39mm(W)

A4. Tolerance not noted: ±0.3mm;

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