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7.0 inch IPS 1024*600 SPI serial TN TFT-LCD resistive touch screen TTL/UART interface with Embedded



Product Description

Product Parameters

MCU Chip-Set 32 ARM MCU
Protocol type UART/TTL
Size 7.0 inch
Resolution 1024*600
Storage Space 16Mbit
Font library Built-in vector font, edge anti-aliasing processing, including any size bitmap ASCII, GBK, GB2312,
Photo storage Support JPEG, PNG (half through/full through) compression, support arbitrary size image storage, support image rotation, zoom, zoom and other functions. The image compression ratio is different, this value will float up and down;
color 65K,16Bit RGB
voltage 5.0V /3.3V
Power consumption Back Light Power ON:3.5W; Back Light Power off:1.6W
Communication interface RS232/TTL(Default TTL)
Interface Specification PH2.5-6P
Images download UAR
PC software YS_UI_Editor_V3.0

2 LCD Display parameters

LCD type TFT 7.0  inch tft
Back light LED
brightness(cd/m²) 450
Back light life time(h) >20,000
contrast 400:1
View Angle(L/R/T/B) 70/70/70/70

3 Touch Panel Parameters

Touch panel type: -RTP
Touch Way: -
Light Transmittance: -
Touch Times -

4 Product application characteristics

Learning cycle 10 minutes to get familiar with the development environment, 1 day to complete the man-machine interaction design
Program debugging The host computer is integrated with a "virtual serial port screen", which requires no hardware connection.
Start-up time Power on the run, no system load time
Configuration control Has buttons, text, drop-down menu, progress bar, slider, instrument, animation, two-dimensional code, curve, circular progress bar and other configuration controls
Online upgrade Support screen engineering picture, firmware, user MCU firmware online USB upgrade
Layer technology System built-in multiple display layers, switching faster
reliability The products have passed the industry standard high and low temperature, ESD, group pulse and radiation tests
Life time In stock

5 Environmental testing and certification

operating temperature -20~+70℃
Storage temperature -30~+80℃
Vibration test 10 to 25Hz(X,Y,Z direction 2G 30)
ESD Test Air=±8KV,Contact=±4KV
High and low temperature test The experimental temperature:60℃±3℃ 72H/-10℃±3℃ 72H;The humidity:50℃±3℃,90%±3% RH 72H
certification ROHS、 CE (EMI:EN55022 Class-B)

6 Customized development service

Customized fee For free when the order > 300PCS
Communication interface Can customize parallel bus, RS485 and other external communication interface
hardware circuit Customize PCB size and thickness, add board-level user circuit, select the specified TFT brand
customization According to the user product custom special instructions or controls, reduce the user development difficulty
Design service Can provide graphic design and product structure design services
others Customized to meet all user needs

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