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1920*1080 RGB eDP 2.7Gbps 9serial 4paralel LED display panel color TFT LCD Module with driver IC



Product Description

This module is a color active matrix LCD module incorporating Oxide TFT (Thin Film Transistor).It is
composed of a color TFT-LCD panel, driver ICs, a control circuit and power supply circuit. Graphics and texts can be
displayed on a 1920×3×1080 dots panel with 262144 colors by using eDP (Embedded Display Port) Ver1.2 interface
and supplying +3.3V DC supply voltage for TFT-LCD panel driving.
In this TFT-LCD panel, color filters for excellent color performance is incorporated to realize brighter and
clearer pictures, making this Module optimum for use in multi-media applications.
Optimum viewings are in all directions.
9serial 4paralel LED structure.
Backlight-driving LED controller is built in this Module.
eDP transfer rate specification: 2.7Gbps/2 lane.



Display size

394.38 (Diagonal)mm

15.6 (Diagonal)inch

Active area

344.16(H) × 193.59(V)mm

Pixel Format

1920RGB (H) x 1080 (V) pixels

Pixel pitch 

0.17925(H) x 0.17925 (V) mm

Pixel arrangement 

RGB Vertical stripe

Display mode 

Normally Black

Driving scheme


Power Consumption


Surface treatment of front polarizer

Anti-glarecoating: (3H)

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