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Backlight 600~1000 Nits 10.1 Inch TFT 1280x800 Custom LVDS I/F LCD Display

Size: 10.1 inch Resolution: 1280x800 Outline Dimension: 229.2x149.8x2.5mm Active Area: 216.96x135.6mm Interface: LVDS FPC: 40pin

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TFT LCD Module


Backlight 600~1000 Nits 10.1 Inch TFT 1280x800 Custom LVDS I/F LCD Display

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Part No  MTF101IA-01D
Size  10.1 inch
Resolution  1280*800
Outline Dimension  229.2*149.8*2.5mm
Active Area  216.96*135.6mm
Interface  LVDS
IC  /
FPC  40pin
Working temperature  -20°C ~ 70 °C
Storage temperature  -30°C ~ 80 °C


Telecommunication Devices Telephone,interphone,watch,tablet PC,radio,etc
Consumer Products Camera,DVD player,toy, Cell Phone,game player,etc
Technical Equipment Elevator controller,Industrial machine,etc
Office Automation Printer,scanner,attendance machine,fax machine,etc
Home Appliances Air-condition display,refrigerator,electric cooker,video doorbell,etc
Automobile GPS,video player,speedometer,audio broadcast,etc
IT Products Camera,handheld digital video,projector,media play,tablet PC,etc
Medical Equipment Ultrasound machine,therapeutic equipment Blood pressure meter,etc
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