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10.1 Inch Screen RK3399 Android System 2GB & 16GB 1000M WIFI Modele Super Development Board



Product Description

RK3399 Android System 2GB & 16GB 1000M WIFI Modele Super Development Board


MT-3399 is a high-end development board based on Rockchip RK3399. MT-3399 is the first 64-bit development board with super high performance based on industrial control. MT-3399 is incorporated with six cores: four A53 cores and two A72 cores. Its dominant frequency is up to 2GHz.
RK3399 is rated monster level in terms of CPU and GPU. Incorporating two Cortex-A72 large cores and four Cortex-A53 small cores, the CPU has been greatly improved in terms of integers, floating decimals, and memory as well as overall performance, power consumption, and core area.
The GPU is incorporated with a new-generation high-end ARM image processor Mali-T860, which contains four cores, integrated with more bandwidth compression technologies, such as intelligent superposition, ASTC, and local pixel storage. The GPU also supports more graphic and computing interfaces and its overall performance is 45% greater than that of the last generation products.
Although these capabilities are called top capabilities of the chip solutions of the same kind, they are not the key features of RK3399. RK3399 is highlighted in the Type-C interface, embedded PCI-E interface, and two cameras that support gesture recognition, which help overturn the experience in using the game box products. RK3399 also has other new features, such as supporting LPDDR4 memory, ahead of the current mainstream products.
Built upon high configuration and the improvement in the overall performance as well as comprehensive layout, RK3399 is born to be an all-rounder. Apart from the panel computer, VR, TVBOX, and laptop, RK3399 is applied to a diversity of terminals in the industry and consumption fields, including intelligent household appliances, advertising machines/integrated machines, financial POS terminals, vehicle-mounted control terminals, thin clients, VOIP video conferencing, security/surveillance/police affairs and Internet of Things.

RK3399 Android System 2GB & 16GB 1000M WIFI Modele Super Development Board

Hardware Interface Description:
Reference Sign Name Description
1 CPU RK3399,A53,4x1.5GHz+A72,2x2GHz
2 DDR K4E8E304EE-EGCF, LPDDR3, 2GBytes
3 eMMC   KLMAG2GEND, 16GB(4G, 8G optional)
4 RTC RTC battery holder, CR1202
5 UART UART4, TTL level interface
6 BEEP Buzzer
7 UART2 Serial port 2, a default debugging serial port,RS232 level
8 DC holder 5V DC power input
9 POWER Power button
10 BOOT Interface for burning programs of the single-chip microcomputer
11 Independent Buttons Add volume; used as a Recovery button during upgrade
12 Independent Buttons Decrease volume
13 Independent Buttons Back button
14 Independent Buttons Menu button
15 MIPI CSI  MIPI camera interface
16 MIPI CSI+DSI MIPI camera interface and DSI interface, which can connect to two MIPI panels
17 MIPI DSI Connecting to the screen with an MIPI interface
18 HDMI  HDMI output interface
19 RESET Reset button
20 Infrared receiving head HS0038 infrared integrated receiving head
21 TF card  TF card holder
22 TYPE-C  TYPE-C interface, compatible with OTG function
23 USB HOST HOST2.0 interface
24 USB HOST HOST3.0 interface
25 SIM card slo 3G and 4G mobile phone card slot
26 PCIE interface  Connecting to 3G and 4G modules
27 EDP EDP interface
28 GPIO interface GPIO extension interface
29 LED 4-channel programmable LED
30 Camera interface Standard 24-pin parallel camera interface
31 MIC Earphone, recording input
32 Speaker Interface  External two-channel speaker
33 SPDIF Fiber output interface
34 Earphone holder  Earphone output
35 Gigabit network port RT8211E interface
36 WIFI/BT AP6354 WIFI/BT two-in-one module


 RK3399 Android System 2GB & 16GB 1000M WIFI Modele Super Development Board

Electrical Characteristics
Main 3.3V input voltage  3.3V/4.3A (3.3V/5A input recommended)
Secondary 3.3V input voltage 3.3V/300mA (cannot be mixed with main 3.3V)
RTC input voltage  2.5 to 3V/5uA
Output voltage 1.8V(that can be used to supply power to the
base plate; which is 0V after dormancy)
Operating temperature -40°C~80°C
Storage temperature  -10°C~50°C

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