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What are the characteristics of tft capacitive touch

What are the characteristics of tft capacitive touch? I believe that many friends are interested, so I will explain it to you today.

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When a finger or stylus is sensed, the top layer of flexible, transparent material is pushed down into contact with the underlying layer of conductive material; projected capacitive screens have no moving parts.
In fact, the projected capacitive sensing hardware consists of a top layer of glass, followed by the X and Y axis components, and an insulating layer of indium tin oxide (ITO) covering the glass substrate. Some sensor suppliers will make a single-layer sensor, which embeds X and Y-axis sensors and small bridge components in a single-layer ITO. a capacitor. Compared with the system, the capacitance of tft capacitive touch is quite small, but it can be measured by various techniques.
One of the techniques is to use TrueTouch components, including rapidly changing the capacitance, and using a bleeder resistor to measure the discharge time. This all-glass touch surface gives users a smooth and smooth touch. Manufacturers of terminal products also prefer glass screens, because the glass material will give the terminal products a sleek industrial design and provide high-quality capacitive signals for measuring touch. In the end, it is important not only to consider the appearance of the touch panel, but also to understand how it works. The tft capacitive touch manufacturer tells you that in order to design a touch screen product with excellent performance, you must pay attention to the following parameters.
Accuracy: Accuracy can be defined as the maximum positioning error within a pre-defined touchscreen area, in units of linear distance between the actual position of the finger and the measured position. When measuring accuracy, an analog or mechanical finger is used.
The finger is placed at an exact position on the panel, and the actual finger position is compared with the measured position. Accuracy is very important, and users expect the system to find exactly where their fingers are. The tft capacitive touch manufacturer tells you that one of the most criticized shortcomings of resistive touch screens is low accuracy, and the accuracy will gradually weaken over time. The precision of capacitive touchscreens enables many new applications, such as virtual keyboards and handwriting recognition without a stylus.
Finger spacing: Finger spacing is defined as the shortest distance on the screen between the center points of two fingers when the touchscreen controller measures the position of the two fingers.
The finger spacing measurement method is to place two simulated or mechanical fingers on the panel, and then gradually shorten the distance between the two fingers until the system detects that the two fingers are one finger.
The tft capacitive touch manufacturer tells you that the finger spacing of some touch screen suppliers refers to the distance from the edge to the edge, while others refer to the distance between the center points. The 10mm finger spacing of the 10mm mechanical finger indicates that multiple fingers touch the screen, or the distance between the fingers is 10mm. The actual situation depends on the specification definition of the touch controller. It is impossible to design a multi-touch solution without good finger spacing. Finger spacing is especially important for emulated keyboards, because the distance between fingers on the screen is usually very short when using an emulated keyboard.

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