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128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturers take you to understand the working principle of LCD display

The manufacturer of 128x64 graphic lcd display tells you that many of our families now use LCD TVs, and how many people know how their LCD screens work. Today, we will share the working principles of LCD screens with you. 

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The 128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturer tells you that the working principle of the liquid crystal display is to rely on placing the liquid crystal screen between two pieces of conductive glass, so that an electric field reaction occurs between the two electrodes, and the liquid crystal molecules are twisted to produce electromagnetic effects, thereby The function of light source projection and shading is controlled, and the light and dark phenomenon is caused by the control button of the power supply, so that the display screen can show the effect of the image. If we install a color filter, the image will be displayed in color. the
When we install alignment film on two pieces of glass, the liquid crystal will be aligned according to the direction of the groove. The 128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturer tells you that because the groove of the alignment film on the glass substrate is too high, it is 90 degrees, so the liquid crystal The molecules will form a twisted form. If the electric field is not installed on the glass substrate, the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules will change, and the light will maintain its original direction due to the gaps in the liquid crystal molecules, and will be blocked by the polarizer below. , the light will be absorbed so that it is impossible to pass through, and the liquid crystal panel will turn black.

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