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What are the advantages of tft lcd module

The tft lcd module manufacturer tells you that one of the most prominent symbols of modern society is various large and small display screens. A thin screen can appear in various places, projecting rich information for us. Generally speaking, most screens are LCD screens. It is the breakthrough of LCD technology that makes the screens very thin and light. The current LCD screens mainly include three types of LCD, LED and OLED. LCD is a cheap, stable and first The emerging LCD screen is still widely used in various fields and occasions, and the TFT display module is a core component of the contemporary mainstream LCD screen, which has:

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1. High responsiveness
The full name of TFT is Thin Film Transistor, that is, thin film transistor. In the liquid crystal display with this module, each pixel is driven by the thin film transistor integrated in the back, that is, TFT, so the responsivity is very high, that is, Click to respond. Compared with LCD screens using other display modules, it has a higher responsiveness, which is commonly known as a more sensitive screen response.
2. High brightness
As we all know, compared with LED, LCD screen is displayed by internal light, which contains light-emitting tubes, and LCD with TFT is no exception, but it has been optimized in technology. The tft lcd module manufacturer tells you to use active Driven by a matrix, it can actively control the opening and closing of any point. When the light source shines, it first transmits the light through the polarizer, transmits the light through the liquid crystal molecules, and then changes the shading rate to achieve the purpose of display, so the brightness can be adjusted. Reach very high.
3. High contrast
The tft lcd module manufacturer tells you that TFT improves the flickering (water ripple) and blurring of traditional LCD screens and improves the ability to play dynamic images. Compared with LCD screens such as STN, TFT has better restoration ability and color saturation. And higher contrast, it can achieve excellent display effects such as 65536 colors, 160,000 colors and 16 million colors.
All in all, the TFT display module is an important device in the LCD screen. It is a core "control system" that integrates multiple functions. It is its soul and represents the technical level of the LCD screen. The tft lcd module manufacturer tells you that in a sense, it is because of the appearance of this module that LCD is not eliminated by LED, so LCD can have vitality again and continue to play a role for human beings.

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