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2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers take you to understand the principle of TFT LCD display

2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers tell you that TFT LCD screen is a classification of LCD liquid crystal module. TFT is the abbreviation of "Thin Film Transistor", also known as "true color", TFT liquid crystal screen belongs to active matrix liquid crystal screen, it is a screen composed of thin film transistors, each of its liquid crystal pixels is made of thin film transistors. Drive, so that high-speed, high-brightness, high-contrast display screen information can be achieved. The 2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturer tells you that there are four independent thin film transistors behind each pixel to drive the pixel to emit colored light, which can display true color with 24bit color depth. In terms of resolution, the TFT LCD screen can reach UXGA (1600×1200).

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2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers tell you that the arrangement of TFT has memory, so it will not return to its original state immediately after the current disappears, thus improving the shortcomings of flickering and blurring of STN LCD screen, and effectively improving the effect of LCD screen displaying dynamic pictures. The ability to display static images is also more prominent. The advantages of the TFT LCD screen are that the response time is short and the color is bright; the disadvantage of the TFT LCD screen is that it consumes more power and costs more.
With the progress of society and the continuous upgrading of products, the application field of TFT LCD screen is also wider. 2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers tell you that it is widely used in CNC equipment, 3D printing and other equipment.

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