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touch screen module manufacturers take you to understand what is an LCD module

The touch screen module manufacturer tells you that the LCD module is a product that assembles liquid crystal display devices, connectors, integrated circuits, PCB circuit boards, backlights and structural parts. Actually, it is a commercial component. According to the relevant national standards in my country, only inseparable integrated components are called modules, while those that can be split are called components. So the specification should be called lcd display component. But people have long been used to calling it a module.

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LCD module is a high-tech basic component, and although its application has been very wide, it is still difficult for many people to use and assemble. The formation point of the liquid crystal display device can be a hindrance especially for the user. The touch screen module manufacturer tells you that special connections and special equipment are not what everyone needs to know and have, so the liquid crystal display device, what the user wants, the liquid crystal display device and the control and driver IC together form a functional unit, the user only needs Need to use traditional processes can be assembled into a complete system.
In a broad sense, those parts assembled from liquid crystal display devices and integrated circuits belong to modules, but in fact, the modules we often say are the key to the assembly of dot matrix liquid crystal display modules and liquid crystal display device arrays. The reason, especially because, except for some varieties of dot matrix liquid crystal display device products (such as machine translation, communication, etc.), manufacturers directly provide users with liquid crystal display devices, and almost all general-purpose dot matrix liquid crystal display devices are processed into modules for supply. supply. The touch screen module manufacturer tells you that it is easy for users to mistake an LCD module for a dot matrix LCD module.
The LCD module is simply LCD screen + LED backlight + PCB board + iron frame. Modules are mainly divided into screen and backlight components. The two parts are assembled together, but operate independently of each other (i.e. the circuits are not related). The touch screen module manufacturer tells you that the principle of liquid crystal display is that the backlight unit emits uniform surface light, and the light is transmitted to our eyes through the liquid crystal screen. The job of the screen is to process this light pixel by pixel to display the image.

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