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The difference between resistive touch screen and capacitive touch panel

What is the difference between resistive and capacitive touch panel? I believe that many people will have this question, let's take a brief look at it below.

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1. Capacitive touch screen
Capacitive touchscreens are expected to contain X and Y electrodes with an insulating layer between them. Transparent electrodes are usually patterned with ITO and metal bridges in a diamond shape.
The human body is conductive because it contains water. Capacitive touch panel manufacturers tell you that projected capacitive technology utilizes the conductivity of the human body. When a bare finger touches a sensor with an X and Y electrode pattern, capacitive coupling occurs between the human finger and the electrodes, causing the The electrostatic capacitance changes. The touchscreen controller detects electrostatic field changes and positions.
2. Resistive touch screen
The capacitive touch panel manufacturer tells you that the resistive touch screen consists of a glass substrate as the bottom layer, a thin film substrate (usually transparent polycarbonate or PET) as the top layer, each layer is coated with a transparent conductive layer, separated by spacers to make a small air gap . The two layers of conductive material face each other. Capacitive touch panel manufacturers tell you that when a user touches a portion of the screen with a finger or a stylus, a thin layer of conductive ITO comes into contact. It changes the resistance. The RTP controller detects changes and calculates the touch position. The point of contact is detected by this change in voltage.

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