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The touch screen module manufacturer will show you how the LCD module comes from

The touch screen module manufacturer tells you that an LCD module is a component that assembles LCD display devices, connectors, integrated circuits, PCB circuit boards, backlights, and frame members. The English name is "LCD module", and Chinese is usually called "LCD module". In fact, it is a commoditized part. The touch screen module manufacturer tells you that according to the provisions of my country's national standards, the inseparable integrated parts are called "modules", and the divisible ones are called "components". Therefore, the name of the specification should be "LCD Panel Assembly". But because people have long been accustomed to calling it a module.

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 Lcd module components include: 1. Liquid crystal display device; 2. Connector; 3. Integrated circuit; 4. PCB circuit board; 5. Backlight; 6. Frame member.
So, what are the precautions when we use the LCD module every day?
1. Treatment of protective film
In order to prevent the surface from being soiled during assembly, the finished LCD screen of the installed module has a protective film on the surface. The touch screen module manufacturer tells you that the exposed exposed surfaces should not be exposed until the entire device is assembled, so as not to get dirty or dirty.
Second, install the gasket
A spacer of approximately 0.1 mm is recommended between the module and the front panel. The panel must be absolutely flat. Make sure that no twisting force occurs after assembly. Improve seismic performance.
3. Anti-static
The control and drive circuits of the module are low-voltage, micro-power CMOS circuits, which are easily affected by static electricity. The human body sometimes generates high-voltage static electricity of several volts or hundreds of volts at most. Be careful to prevent static electricity during operation, assembly and use. to this end:
1. Do not touch external leads, circuits on circuit boards, and metal boxes with your hands.
2. If direct contact is required, the human body 1 module should maintain the same potential, or the human body should be well grounded.
3. The touch screen module manufacturer tells you that the soldering iron used for brazing must be well grounded and cannot leak.
4. The running electrical appliances, cones and other tools must be well grounded and there is no leakage.
5. The touch screen module manufacturer tells you not to use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning. Because static electricity is very strong.
6. Static electricity will also be generated when the air is dry, so the humidity of the studio must be above RH60%.
7. Resistant contact should be formed between the ground, workbench, chair, shelf, trolley and tool to maintain the same potential. Otherwise, static electricity may occur.
8. Be very careful not to generate static electricity when taking out the packaging bag or moving the position or turning it. Do not change or throw away the original packaging.
The touch screen module manufacturer tells you that electrostatic damage is irreversible damage, so be careful not to be careless.

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