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128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturers take you to understand the precautions for using liquid crystal display

128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturers tell you that LCD screens can be seen everywhere in life, so do you know how to maintain them in daily life? Let's take a look at some of the dos and don'ts of using LCDs.

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Note on LCD display:
1. The application of DC voltage of LCD screen should be prevented
The smaller the DC component of the driving voltage, the better. The maximum voltage should not exceed 50mV. 128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturers tell you that if you use excessive DC components for a long time, electrolysis and electrode aging will occur, thereby reducing the service life.
2. Should be protected from UV radiation
The LCD screen and the polarizer are both organic substances, which will undergo chemical reactions and deteriorate under ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, when assembling a liquid crystal display device, it should be considered whether it is necessary to install an anti-ultraviolet filter or other anti-ultraviolet method in front of the liquid crystal display device according to its use and use environment. 128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturers tell you to avoid prolonged direct sunlight when using.
3. Harmful gas erosion should be prevented
LCD screens and polarizers are organic substances that chemically react and deteriorate in the environment of harmful gases. Therefore, isolation measures for harmful gases should be taken during use. In addition, after the whole machine is assembled, do not store it in a sealed container for a long time, so as to avoid the high concentration of chemical gas generated by the plastic casing and circuit board cleaning agent, which will damage the liquid crystal and polarizer.
4. Stress extrusion should be prevented
The LCD screen is two pieces of glass, only 5~10um in the middle, which is very thin. Moreover, the inner surface of the glass is coated with an orientation film, which is easily damaged. Therefore, do not press too much on the surface of the LCD screen, so as not to damage the alignment layer. If the pressure is too high or the device is pressed by hand during assembly, you must stand for one hour before powering up. 128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturers tell you to remember not to have drastic temperature changes when turning on. When installed, the pressure should be uniform, only on one side of the unit, not in the middle, and not inclined to apply force.
5. The liquid crystal state will disappear because the segmented liquid crystal display exceeds a certain temperature range
Therefore, it must be stored and used within the specified temperature range. If the temperature is too high, the liquid crystal state will disappear and become liquid, the display surface will be black, and it will not work. Please be careful not to turn it on at this time, it can recover by itself after cooling down.
128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturers tell you that if the temperature is too low, the liquid crystal will start to freeze, causing permanent damage. In addition, air bubbles can also be generated when LCD displays are stored in extreme temperatures for long periods of time or subjected to vibration and shock.
6. Prevent LCD glass from breaking
128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturers tell you that because the LCD screen device is made of glass, if lost, the glass will definitely be broken, so when designing the whole machine, it is necessary to check the assembly method and the impact resistance and impact resistance of the components.

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