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128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturers take you to understand the physical characteristics of LCD screens

128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturers tell you that the LCD screen is based on liquid crystal material, which is located between solid and liquid, not only has solid crystal optical characteristics, but also has liquid flow characteristics, so it can be said to be an intermediate phase. To understand the photoelectric effect of a liquid crystal screen, the physical properties of the liquid crystal screen, including viscosity and elasticity, and its polarizability must be explained.

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128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturers tell you that the viscosity and elasticity of liquid crystals are liquids with alignment properties from the point of view of fluid mechanics, and the force should have different effects in different directions. It's like throwing a short stick into a flowing river. The short sticks flowed along the river, which looked messy at first, but after a while, the long axes of all the short sticks naturally aligned with the flow of the river. The 128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturer tells you that this means the flow mode with the lowest viscosity and the physical model with the lowest free energy of flow.
In addition, in addition to the viscous reaction, the LCD also has an elastic reaction, which has a directional effect on the additional force. Therefore, after light enters the liquid crystal material, it must travel according to the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules, resulting in a natural deflection. The electronic structure of liquid crystal molecules has strong electron conjugation movement ability. Therefore, when liquid crystal molecules are subjected to the action of an external electric field, they are easily polarized, resulting in induced polarity, which is also the source of the interaction force between liquid crystal molecules. 128x64 graphic lcd display manufacturers tell you that LCD displays used in ordinary electronic products use photoelectric effects, controlled by external voltages, through the refraction properties of molecules and the ability to rotate light, to obtain a bright dark state (or contrast called visual optics). ) for imaging purposes.

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