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Selection points of tft lcd module

Understanding the various features of TFT module display technology enables users to better match displays and interfaces to applications. Due to the decreasing cost of tft lcd modules and the growing desire for a more user-friendly graphical interface, more and more companies are asking engineers to design these products into their own products. Do I need the tft lcd module? The thing to consider is whether you need a TFT module.

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The first thing to keep in mind when purchasing a tft lcd module: color will increase the cost. You can save a lot of money by designing with monochromatic graphic lcd modules. They are inexpensive, relatively easy to connect and control, and readily available. Depending on the design criteria, color passive panels may have several advantages over TFT modular panels, such as outdoor brightness and overall color brightness. When deciding between a TFT module panel and a color passive panel, don't forget about refresh speed and viewing angle. TFT modules can provide viewing angles close to 180°, while passive color modules, although improving, generally only provide viewing angles of 70° to 80°. TFT modules are capable of displaying full motion video and graphics, while passive lcd modules start to blur when images move faster than 8 to 15 frames per second. Don't snub passive color panels because of these factors. When looking for the perfect monitor, various options should be explored.
Both the small size tft lcd module and the color passive lcd work well in this application, but the tft lcd module may have better viewing angles and the passive panel's colors look better. Often, the selection of a monitor is a combination of marketing needs and engineering specifications, both equally important. Displays directly affect the appearance of a product, and you'll find that they are often quite subjective. Size of tft lcd module When choosing a tft lcd module, the first consideration is size, which depends on the application and life requirements.

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