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11.6 inch tft lcd display manufacturer will show you how to deal with liquid leakage on tft LCD screen

11.6 The manufacturer of inch tft lcd display tells you that many users ask if the manufacturer of the TFT LCD screen can be replaced or repaired if the LCD screen is leaking. In fact, the LCD screen is very fragile. There is water leakage. Human faults cannot be repaired and replaced. As for why there is water leakage, the following 11.6 inch tft lcd display manufacturers tell you about it.

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11.6 inch tft lcd display manufacturers tell you that the liquid crystal display surface has very significant spots or uneven cracks with simultaneous light and dark patches. Through external force or impact extrusion, the cracked liquid crystal display of the liquid crystal screen is leaked. The external force is not too large. Despite the leakage of the LCD panel, there is no surface crack. The 11.6-inch tft lcd display manufacturer tells you that this phenomenon is not easy to find the fault, and more special attention should be paid to the case of a liquid crystal display. Turn off the power. The image can still be displayed after the liquid crystal display leaks suddenly.
Tft LCD screen leakage solution:
The 11.6 inch tft lcd display manufacturer tells you that the leakage of the Tft LCD screen is physical damage, and the LCD screen is produced by cutting. Once the leaking occurs, it will gradually expand and even fail to display normally. This is irreparable unless the entire screen is replaced. But the screen accounts for two-thirds of the manufacturing cost of the LCD, so replacing the screen is not a good thing. Buy a new monitor.

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