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2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers take you to understand the important parameters of TFT liquid crystal display

The 2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturer tells you that the TFT liquid crystal display is an active matrix liquid crystal display driven by a thin film transistor (TFT). It is mainly composed of dots, lines, surfaces and backlights that are generated by electric current stimulating liquid crystal molecules. So what are the important TFT LCD display parameters? Let's take a look!

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2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers tell you that nowadays, people’s requirements for TFT screens are getting higher and higher, and the attention is getting higher and higher, especially the 144Hz refresh rate e-sports display, which has become the main product of gamers. So what are the main parameters of the TFT LCD display?
The main TFT LCD display parameters are as follows:
1. Resolution. 2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers tell you that the current mainstream TFT display resolution is 1920×1080 (1080P), of course, you can also consider 2560×1440 (2K), 3840×2160 (4K).
2. Size.
2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers tell you that the size of the TFT LCD screen is actually the diagonal length of the display part, in inches (1 inch=2.54cm). When the aspect ratio is the same, the actual area is proportional to the square of the diagonal length. relation.
3. Response time.
The response time of the TFT display is generally in milliseconds (ms), which refers to the response speed of the TFT liquid crystal display to the input signal. The shorter the response time, the instantaneously moving game screen will not be dragged away, and the clarity of the screen will be higher.
4. Contrast.
The increase in contrast makes the picture a stronger sense of hierarchy, and the distinction between light and dark is obvious, which means that the user can more easily see the picture in the dark and dark conditions of the scene. The contrast of the TFT display should be between 60-80 and the brightness should be between 40-60. 2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers tell you when playing games, it is recommended to adjust the brightness and contrast between 80-100, so that the visual effect will be better.
5. HDR.
2.4 inch tft lcd manufacturers tell you that HDR refers to a way of dynamically presenting contrast and color accuracy according to the situation of the scene. For example, in a black scene for movie gamers, the general TFT screen is almost black, but in the TFT display with HDR Some scenes in the dark can be seen on it, probably the so-called bright black. In order to realize HDR technology, TFT display must have relevant hardware design, which affects price performance.

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