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What is the function of the double glass of capacitive touch screen

Our capacitive touch screen merchants, after producing each product, must have its effect. If it does not work, would it not waste a lot of time? Capacitive touch screen is also one of them, so the double-capacitive touch screen What is the role of glass?

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In addition, long and narrow electrodes are plated on all four sides of the additional touch screen to form a low-voltage AC electric field in the conductive body. When the user touches the screen, due to the electric field of the human body, a coupling capacitor is formed between the finger and the conductor layer. The current from the four-side electrode will flow to the contact. The strength of the current is proportional to the distance between the finger and the electrode. The controller is located after touching the screen. The ratio and strength of the current will be calculated, and the position of the touch point will be accurately calculated.
Now you know, the double glass of capacitive touch screen can not only protect the conductor and sensor, but also prevent external environmental factors from affecting the touch screen. Even if the screen is dirty, dust or oil stains, the capacitive touch screen can still accurately calculate the touch Location.
The above is the function of the double glass of the capacitive touch screen that the editor explained to you. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about capacitive touch screen, please consult and follow us.

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