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Capacitive touch screen manufacturers take you to understand: TFT capacitive screen

Capacitive touch screen manufacturers tell you that TFT capacitive screen, as a very common commercial LCD screen, can be seen in all walks of life and in various scenes.

customized capacitive touch screen from China manufacturer
Capacitive touch screen manufacturers tell you that capacitive touch screen technology uses the current induction of the human body to work. The capacitive touch screen is a four-layer composite glass screen. The inner surface and the interlayer of the glass screen are each coated with a layer of ITO. The outer layer is a thin layer of silica glass protective layer. The interlayer ITO coating is used as the working surface. Each electrode, the inner ITO is a shielding layer to ensure a good working environment. The capacitive touch screen manufacturer tells you that when a finger touches the metal layer, due to the electric field of the human body, a coupling capacitance is formed between the user and the touch screen surface. For high-frequency current, the capacitance is a direct conductor, so the finger sucks a very large amount from the contact point. Small current. The capacitive touch screen manufacturer tells you that this current flows from the electrodes on the four corners of the touch screen, and the current flowing through these four electrodes is proportional to the distance from the finger to the four corners. The controller accurately calculates the ratio of these four currents. Get the location of the touch point.
The capacitive touch screen manufacturer tells you that in the CF (color film) process of ordinary TFT-LCD, the sputtering process only takes 24 seconds, but the sputtering process for projected capacitive screens takes 65-70 seconds, which means that the production capacity is almost lost. half.
In addition, the purchase of sputtering equipment is also time-consuming. Capacitive touch screen manufacturers tell you that due to the time-consuming sputtering process, production capacity expansion is slow, and each manufacturer cannot increase output based on the original production capacity.

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