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The tft lcd module manufacturer will take you to understand: the classification and application specifications of LCD liquid crystal modules

The tft lcd module manufacturer tells you that in the actual process, sometimes it is not necessary to follow the principle of LCD liquid crystal module.

How to clean the tft lcd module

After using the tft lcd module for a period of time, the TFT screen often attracts dust (it is more obvious from the side when the power is turned off), and sometimes various water stains are accidentally stuck on, which has a great impact on the visual effect.

Precautions for using capacitive touch screen

Everyone knows that most of our touch products currently use the capacitive touch screen, so what are the precautions that can better extend the life of the touch screen?

What is the function of the double glass of capacitive touch screen

Our capacitive touch screen merchants, after producing each product, must have its effect. If it does not work, would it not waste a lot of time? Capacitive touch screen is also one of them, so the double-capacitive touch screen What is the role of glass?

How should tft capacitive touch manufacturers show their advantages

The manufacturer of tft capacitive touch tells you that as the market becomes more and more standardized, people's requirements for quality of life and brand demands are getting higher and higher.

Advantages and disadvantages of Capacitive touch screen

Excellent colors, including seven particularly significant industry prospects LCD splicing screen and commercial use in 2019

The biggest highlight of commercial display operations is "LCD", the biggest work highlight of LCD is "large screen", and the biggest development highlight of large screen is "price". The logic of this enterprise's product performance was heartily in 2018. Under the concept of the Internet of Things and Smart China’s social life needs analysis; with the help of the 5G and 8K digital world economic market environment, it is also under the trend of continuous innovation in large standards and LCD-centric fundamental flash technology. Let’s take a look. What are the differences between LCD splicing screens and commercial data display related industries in 2019

Capacitive touch screen data processing process

After the Capacitive touch screen receives the touch signal, it converts the touch data into electrical pulses and transmits them to the touch screen control IC for processing.

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