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Analysis and Research on point defect of LCD

    LCD panel in the manufacturing process, can be roughly divided into three stages: the array (array), the box (cel1), module (module). Although most processes in the LCD panel manufacturing are
    Gao Jie is completed in the clean room cleanliness, but the LCD display or there are some flaws inevitably. There are many reasons for these defects.
Each link has defects. Pinhole defects and black spot defects formed in the stage of the formation of the box are two common point defects.
    In perfusion liquid crystal box if there is a bubble of vacuum, that is, the formation of pinhole defects; if liquid crystal perfusion of empty boxes inside have some cloud of particles (particle cluster), or is
    At the time of filling the liquid crystal, there are some particles in the box, that is, the black spot defects.
    The core of point defect on the around the liquid crystal molecules lead to the anchoring effect, and therefore will inevitably influence II to the alignment of the LC molecules within a certain range. Through the two typical point defects
    It is found that the different defects have a great influence on the ability of the liquid crystal molecules to arrange, and the experimental phenomena are studied by extrapolation length theory and elastic long range correlation theory.
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