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The embarrassment of the Japanese screen enterprises: Sharp was acquired JDI is also precarious
    Every time the domestic mobile phone manufacturers conference, there will always be a lot of hardware parameters, the processor non-Xiaolong 820/821 not, the display Zeyi Japan Sharp, JDI proud. Japan in the panel industry was prosperous, but now only Sharp, JDI two, and embarrassing is that the two companies are not how to operate, Sharp eventually acquired by Taiwan's Hon Hai, JDI is now facing a crisis, This week announced the layoffs of 30%, has recently been exploded with the Japanese government agencies to negotiate 75 billion yen in relief.
    JDI (Japan Display) is the company in 2012 by the Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba's panel business combined from the company, with Sharp, JDI LCD LCD panel has a deep technical accumulation, display good, and a The obvious example is a lot of In-cell screens are from these two companies, they not only for the domestic Huawei, millet and other companies to provide mobile phone panels, even the iPhone also has a panel using JDI.
    JDI spent 170 billion yen last year, the new six-generation line LCD factory, Apple also undertook a huge investment, in order to ensure the stability of the iPhone panel supply.
Since there is such a strong customer market, JDI supposedly should have a good life, but it is not the case, they are really hard with Sharp, is a technology, there is a market panel company, but the company happens to not force. Sharp INCJ industrial innovation agency in Japan after several bailouts still can not be supported, and ultimately by Taiwan's Hon Hai acquisition, into a Taiwan company.
    JDI has a 36 per cent stake in the JDI company, and now JDI operations are experiencing difficulties. On Tuesday, the company announced a 30 per cent layoff and about 4,700 employees to be laid off, which would improve the company's Profit situation, increase the company's liquidity.
    However, this move can not fully help JDI out of the woods, there have been news that JDI has been negotiating with the INCJ agency rescue funds, is expected to get the hands of the Japanese government 75 billion yen in relief, equivalent to 4.79 billion yuan.
    In addition, the JDI Bank of cooperation to consider the company to provide additional assistance.
    Relevant measures have not yet officially announced, but with these rumors, JDI accept INCJ further assistance may have not run.
    As with Sharp, JDI is also planning to upgrade the OLED production line, the same is to compete for future iPhone mobile phone OLED orders, but at this point, Samsung, LG has been at the forefront, Chinese companies are now launched OLED production line, Sharp and JDI face competition will only get bigger and bigger.