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TCL to join the music as to promote new ecological circle
According to reports, in December 2015, TCL group announced a strategic cooperation with the music network, to create a complementary win-win business model, the market is highly concerned about. On the evening of January 13th, TCL once again issued a notice to the outside world to disclose the progress of cooperation with the music as a network of cooperation. Announcement shows that both sides in the conference established a joint working group to implement the specific cooperation programs and operational details, including freight business on the Internet camp, new product joint development and supply chain collaboration, has formulated the detailed plans for cooperation, and actively promote them.
The latest data show that TCL now has over 1200 million smart TV users, operation of intelligent network television terminal total active user number more than 10 million orders of magnitude; music, as have more than 400 million premium smart TV users and industry leading multiple user value system, so the cooperation between the two sides in the Internet business operations become highlight.
In addition to the Internet business operations, TCL and music, as will be in the joint development of new products and supply chain collaboration in depth cooperation. TCL multimedia surface TV market in China has a leading position in the market and technology advantages, the future will and music as a joint development of 55 inches, 65 inches of the surface TV new products, to further expand the TCL multimedia curved TV competition advantage.
In addition, TCL multimedia has industry-leading supply chain vertical integration advantages and has set up a global production layout, in research and development, procurement and production processes accumulated rich experience, supply chain collaborative will effectively enhance the both sides of the supply chain competitive advantage, enhance the competitiveness of music products. At present, as has been increased in the 55 inch, 43 inch and other key products by the proportion of TCL multimedia delivery is expected from the beginning of the second quarter of 2016, orders have increased significantly.