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Sharp will be interrupted for next year supply panel to the Samsung 30-inch, 32 inch, 40 inch and other medium-sized panels will be affected
    South Korea's Samsung Electronics and Sharp will be discontinued in 2017 from the TV LCD panel area of the transaction. Responsible for the supply of Sharp panel to Samsung, said the intention to interrupt the transaction, after Samsung made in 2017 by the LG display supply panel. For Sharp, Samsung is the largest customer. On the other hand, Samsung interrupted trading with Sharp, after having to re-adjust the panel procurement strategy.
    To 30 inches, 32 inches and 40 inches and other medium-sized panels, mainly in 2015, Samsung purchased from Sharp about 500 million LCD panels. 5 million is considered equivalent to the total purchase volume (including Samsung's own production, including) more than ten percent.
    Sharp will stop supplying panels to Samsung in 2017. Sharp parent company Taiwan Hon Hai Precision Industry as Samsung, Hon Hai intention may be interrupted trading one of the background.
    Hon Hai and Sharp jointly operate the LCD panel manufacturer Sakai Display Products (SDP), is considered the largest number of supply target is Samsung. Sharp's Kameyama Plant 2 panels also supply to Samsung, etc., and stop trading with Samsung means to give up important customers.
    Sharp set a goal, in 2018 to make its own brand LCD TV AQUOS global sales reached 10 million units, is about 2 times the current sales. However, to stop the supply of Samsung caused by the huge gap seems difficult to make up immediately. To ensure that TV LCD panel with external sales object, may become the subject of the operation and reconstruction.
    On the other hand, with the Sharp interrupt transactions, Samsung also need to consider the panel procurement alternatives. As of December 14, Samsung has made a request in 2017 from the field of competition from the panel LG display to supply. All along, Samsung and LG in the field of motor competition are very intense, if the two companies began trading, will be a special situation.