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Samsung's flexible OLED sales break through the $ 1 billion mark
    According to data released by market research firm IHS, sales of Samsung Display's flexible OLED panel sales in the previous quarter (July-September 2016) were lower than that of the previous quarter (July-September 2016). The same period last year jumped 69% to 1.05 5.9 million US dollars, quarterly sales for the first time exceeded 1 billion US dollars mark. Samsung last quarter flexible OLED sales of 2 years ago, more than 200 times the level of the current control of the global Samsung flexible OLED panels 93.7% market share.
    Samsung's flexible OLED panel sales record, Samsung also led Samsung in the global small and medium size panels (including LCD panel) market has an overwhelming market share, the previous quarter Samsung in the global small and medium size panel market share 31.8% of total sales), surpassing the combined value of Japan Display Inc (JDI) No. 2 and LG Display (LGD) No. 3 (28.5%).
    According to reports, flexible OLED panel allows smart phones like Samsung Galaxy Edge, as the surface design of the play difference, the recent VIVO, millet and other Chinese manufacturers have been used, and Apple (Apple) next year launched the iPhone new products Also expected to use flexible OLED panel, and Samsung in order to meet the demand, has been poor profitability of the old LCD panel production line to produce flexible OLED panel.