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Samsung out of the LCD panel market conditions better
    Samsung Electronics panel factory SamsungDisplay gradually withdraw from the LCD panel business, to develop OLED, reportedly grabbed the Apple iPhone 8 large single, LCD panel plant everyone insecurities. However, foreign investors believe that Samsung exit, so that the global LCD panel market is more healthy, optimistic about the Korean panel factory LGDisplay (LGD) will benefit.
    Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley, Morgan Stanley, Morgan Stanley) pointed out that the withdrawal of Samsung Display LCD panel, the global LCD panel market conditions improved, revenue continues to increase. Analyst Shawn Kim said Samsung L7-1 LCD production line shut down, China's 8-generation plant upgrades, reduced production capacity, making more than 40-inch TV panel, the supply continued tight. LGD executives estimate that next year the global LCD panel supply only increased by 1%, demand will increase by 4%, which means will be in short supply.
    In addition, LGD is the iPhone panel supplier, next year iPhone switch to OLED, LGD may lose a large single, but Morgan Mo is expected to iPhone only one-third of OLED.
    Katy Huberty, an analyst with Morgan Stanley, said that only about one-third of the initial shipments of the iPhone 8 are OLED, and that the panel makers are still preparing 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch LCD panels. AMOLED material suppliers estimate Apple next year, the required capacity of 50 million group, included in the yield, probably left 40 million group. It is expected that the second half of 2017, will produce 110 million iPhone 8, is expected to carry OLED panels iPhone 4 to 40 million, leaving 70 million mining LCD panel. And 2016 compared to the lower half of the iPhone3 8,300 million (all for the LCD), LCD panel shipments fell 15 to 20%.