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Outdoor small distance force to open up new application market
    Focus on 2016 LED display market, thanks to the small pitch LED display market to promote, and LED chip technology and LED packaging technology advances, SMD brightness and protection levels have begun to meet the requirements of outdoor applications, in 2015 Related technology breakthroughs, based on the 2016 small pitch LED display outdoor applications performance much industry attention, the industry set off a wave of outdoor small craze.
    Overall speaking, the industry average spacing of small pitch LED from P10 to P6 following the progress of its striker spacing has reached P2.6 level. China Star Power in the field of rapid development of packaging, first to upgrade pitch P6 outdoor full color "professional engineering version" 3535 devices, followed by the release of the RS2727mbar P4.18 devices, and then in 2015 Shanghai show, launched SMD1921 full-color devices, The world's smallest outdoor SMD LED waterproof small pitch, to fill the outdoor P4 following high-definition display area blank, the current RS1921 device LED display products in 2016 market application has been cut a striking figure. It is noteworthy that in the latest release of Deming light outdoor spacing products in its distance has reached P2.6, and Deming also has P3.2, P3.9, P4.8, P6.29 and other outdoor small Spacing products, while the Shanghai think twice, Alto, etc. have released a point pitch P3 outdoor LED display system.
    All along, the surface mount LED display due to its low brightness, and waterproof, moisture, anti-ultraviolet function indicators can not meet the requirements of the harsh outdoor environment, outdoor full-color LED display devices are the world, and With the surface mount LED display packaging technology continues to break, this pattern is quietly changing, and with the continuous improvement of visual needs, outdoor products can not meet the outdoor high-definition, close-viewing requirements, and overcome the outdoor use Environmental constraints and carry high resolution, mixed light, low cost, light weight and many other advantages of the surface mount LED display, outdoor LED products on a wide range of "replaced" trend can not resist.
    Also from the market trend, with the creative screen, shaped screen, transparent screen and other new technologies and LED display subdivision of the field, the market in the outdoor surface mount device frequency will be greatly improved, industry enterprises on the future outdoor table Paste optimistic about the prospects for development, I believe that through more surface mount technology breakthroughs, outdoor small pitch LED display LED display industry will become a new high-speed development of a new starting point.