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OLED screen in short supply! Samsung calls LCD production line

      Samsung Display (Samsung Display) is a subsidiary of Samsung, is the world's leading OLED manufacturers. As China's smart phone business demand for OLED screen, Samsung decided to part of the LCD TV panel production line into OLED smart phone panel production line, next year's OLED screen Samsung's annual production capacity will reach 200 million.
      It is understood that Samsung has been dismantled in Zhongqing Road (Tangjeong) L7-1 LCD TV panel production line, it will be vacated to produce OLED smart phone panel, Samsung OLED smart phone panel hopes to monthly production capacity increased to 20 million. Next year, Apple will launch OLED iPhone, China is the world's largest smart phone market, Chinese companies are also following the pace of Apple, began to embrace the OLED screen. Samsung OLED display panel factory produced the majority of available to Samsung Electronics and Chinese mobile phone manufacturers.
      Samsung monitors did not sell equipment, but the equipment dismantling, so as to speed up the OLED production capacity as fast as possible. Prior to this, Samsung had the old LCD panel production line sold to foreign companies, such as the L5 production line sold to China LCD module manufacturer L7-1. According to Samsung's plan, 40-inch LCD TV panel production capacity has been saturated, these production lines into OLED production lines can be more profitable. Revoke some production lines, reduce production capacity, Samsung can increase the price of LCD TV panels.