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LGD, Samsung built supplier relations Compressed large-size TV panel resources

    LGD and Samsung Electronics on the TV panel suppliers to establish supplier relations concern, Sigmaintell that Samsung to LGD procurement to 50-inch large-size panel-based, fear Will affect the allocation of large-size panel resources, compression small factory space.

    First of all, according to Sigmaintell previously analyzed, with the SDP broken supply, Samsung Electronics 60 and 70-inch demand to 55,65 and 75-inch aspects of the transfer, the cooperation of Samsung Electronics is mainly to stabilize large-size and high-end market panel Supply, to seek in these product lines in a competitive supply security.
    Second, LGD, with the restructuring of the industry chain competition and its own production capacity to continue to shift the impact of OLED TV, LGD 2017 LCD product line development strategy is to focus on large-size and high-end market, so its more than 50-inch products Planning is very positive.
    Third, compared LGD Group LGE and Samsung Electronics product line, is not difficult to find, although in recent years, two Korean-brand shipments have different degrees of atrophy, but in the large-size market performance is very different. Samsung Electronics in the total shipments decreased slightly at the same time, large-size scale continued to grow. Samsung Electronics is expected in 2017 in the global 50 '' + market demand for panels in the proportion of 22%, while the LGE only to 9.6%. Such a different market performance, the face of Samsung Electronics thrown olive branch, LGD's development strategy can not be affected slightly.
    Therefore, we expect to focus on the supply of goods mainly in 50-inch large size, the initial number of cooperation is also small, both in the total proportion will remain at between 1 to 2%.
    SDP after the break, Sharp's large-size panel resources to the Sharp brand and focus on Foxconn, SDC and Samsung Electronics to strengthen relations of cooperation; LGD and Samsung Electronics to establish cooperation, LGD large-size resources will also face redistribution. There is no doubt that 2017 the re-allocation of large-size market resources. For 2017 to the impact of large-size and high-end market, the Chinese brand, will face a lot of variables. If the Korean plant's large-size resources are beginning to tighten, and those small manufacturers will face more severe challenges.