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LED industry growth slowed LED display thriving
    Throughout 2016 LED industry, listed companies as the representative of the performance of the overall performance of LED business performance, the overall performance of the industry to achieve micro-warming trend. Driven by the small pitch LED display growth, LED display industry, the overall performance of the overall market momentum bright spot.
    The third quarter results year on year substantial growth, the performance of a number of leading listed companies surge, one of the leading domestic lighting Foshan, the first three quarters of net profit surge 281.4% year on year to reach 280 million; small space leading Riyadh, Chau Ming Technology 3 quarter net profit rose 64.37%, respectively, 34.52%; packaging enterprises leading wood Linsen 3 quarter net profit rose 26.18%; LED chip leader Huacan photoelectric first 3 quarter net profit surge reached 1478.77%, reaching 140 million.
    In the LED industry, the net profit year-on-year growth, Alto electronic revenue growth of 36.85% year on year explosive growth, Abysson grew 18.09%, photoelectric 61.10% growth, Lehman shares rose 41.89%, Dongshan Precision Year on year surge of 180% to 220%, Ruifeng photoelectric increased 73.56%.
    Data show that LED display with small spacing as the core of the LED display and intelligent lighting, LED industry is to bring great expectations, there are institutions predicted 2017-2018 there will be nearly 40 billion per year of new demand. In recent years, small pitch LED display with its seamless stitching advantages, is gradually replacing the DLP and LCD splicing display, and presents the trend of accelerating growth.
    It is noteworthy that, by the small pitch LED display of the hot growth trend of the first half of this year, a small pitch LED packaging product line full load; currently the main supplier of small pitch LED devices, the country star from last year Six months of continuous, three consecutive expansion, and crystal optoelectronics has also put into operation a small pitch packaging devices, construction of more than 1,300 automatic packaging production lines, production capacity will be formed to produce 10000kk.
    In addition, the outdoor display has begun to appear the trend of small pitch package, with the outdoor surface mount LED gradually overcome the moisture, UV and other technical problems to break, outdoor display HD, high density trend gradually rise, the average pitch from P10 to P6 following progress, is also expected to show explosive growth. LED display market's strong momentum, is driving the LED industry growth in 2016 business performance, LED display in the LED industry, showing a thriving trend.