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LCD panel upstart - IPS panel
LCD panel upstart - IPS panel
    The LCD panel is a flat and thin type panel for placing the liquid crystal display screen. Its technical level and quality of good or bad is not only related to the quality of the LCD display itself, prices and market trends. But also related to the entire product function parameters (such as brightness, contrast, color and viewing angle), display and service life. A display of about 80% of the cost are concentrated in the panel, it can be said that the LCD panel is the heart of the LCD monitor. Now common panel types are: TN, VA, IPS, etc., and the most sought after by the dealers and consumers than the panel IPS panel technology.
    Recently concerned about the monitor or mobile phone partners, must be in the sections of the monitor pay attention to the "IPS" these three letters, or sales in the mall was selling over the use of "IPS" panel technology display or mobile phone, then feel " A look of muddy force "? Now, IPS panel has become one of the main selling point of business selling products. So, IPS panel in the end is what? Why is it widely recognized by everyone?
    IPS (In-Plane Switching, meaning flat conversion) panel technology is Hitachi LCD panel technology introduced in 2001, commonly known as "SuperTFT", is a high-end LCD panel products, is currently the world's most advanced LCD panel technology is now Widely used in liquid crystal displays, LCD TVs and smart phones and other display panels.
The advantages of IPS screen far more than the shortcomings of the advantages of IPS screen:
    1) The screen is sturdy and stable. Compared with other types of panels, IPS panel hand gently strokes are not prone to water-like deformation, therefore, there are "hard screen," said. IPS panel is the biggest feature of its poles are in the same face, the use of liquid crystal molecules arranged in a horizontal manner, while the other liquid crystal mode electrodes are in the upper and lower sides, three-dimensional arrangement. When the external force, because the hard-screen LCD molecular structure is much stronger than the stability and stability of the soft screen, it will not produce distortion and affect the lake screen color, the maximum degree of protection screen effect is not compromised, more suitable for touch screen and public display devices .
    2) High viewing angle. Ordinary screen, when viewed from the side, color drift occurs, resulting in blurred images. The IPS screen up and down can reach 178 degrees viewing angle, the user no matter from which point of view of the picture and the front view to see the same, almost reached the limit of liquid crystal display technology, the basic elimination of the visual "dead ".
    3) fast response. IPS hard-screen technology to change the arrangement of liquid crystal particles, the use of horizontal conversion technology, so that the LCD screen faster and more stable response. In dealing with dynamic images, no blur and smearing, no color offset, the screen high-definition delicate, natural and true, the image of the movement track is more delicate and smooth. Therefore, IPS screen is to watch digital high-definition images, especially fast motion pictures, such as games, racing games and action movies the ideal carrier, and can significantly reduce the monitor to stimulate the user's eyes, in line with consumer health needs.
    4) accurate color reproduction. IPS hard-screen professional color reversal and brightness conversion performance, allowing users to enjoy the bright, saturated, natural ideal picture. So by the home appliances, design, printing, aerospace, medical and other industries on the color requirements of more demanding professionals of all ages.
    5) energy saving, durability and good. IPS hard-screen technology is also in energy-saving technology also has a major breakthrough. IPS hard-screen power consumption is further reduced, more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly. IPS hard screen technology creatively align the liquid crystal molecules, reducing the thickness of the liquid crystal layer, thereby changing the LCD screen transmittance, enhanced display, so that the display thinner and more power.
IPS screen shortcomings:
    IPS screen due to the use of horizontal liquid crystal molecules arranged to increase the viewing angle while reducing the penetration of light, in order to better display bright colors will increase the luminosity of the backlight, so the phenomenon of leakage in the IPS screen is very common, With the increase of the screen, a large area of edge leakage problem has been the biggest drawbacks of IPS. Moreover, IPS screen to enhance the degree of saturation has lost the degree of reduction, enhance the contrast but lost the dark details of the performance. And, IPS panel is also divided into multiple levels, the general IPS panel, the advantage is not very obvious, and high-quality IPS panel prices are very expensive.
    Through the above description, we can find, IPS screen, although not perfect, but the whole is far more than the shortcomings of the advantages, more and more manufacturers have begun to choose IPS panel to produce LCD monitors.