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LCD panel prices remain high TV companies have pressure surge prices
    Raw materials, bulk materials, labor costs continued to rise, circuit boards, plastic, such as silica rose more than 10%, so that production costs; panel suppliers to adjust production lines, especially South Korea announced that Samsung will close the global large-size panel production capacity of 4% G7 production line, resulting in slightly tight supply and demand panel, the panel prices rebounded 40% of retaliatory.
    According to the forward-looking database data, in November 2016, 40-inch LCD TV panel offer 140 US dollars / piece, 43-inch panel price of 148 US dollars / piece, or 10 US dollars. Even before the oversupply of the most serious 32-inch LCD panel prices, also reached $ 76 / piece.
    Face the pressure of rising panel prices, part of the Internet TV brand Kangbu Zhu. November 21, music as super TV announced that the product will be price increases, some products increased 100 yuan, some are raised 300 yuan, and the reason is the panel prices. This is already the second half of this year, as the music TV as the second time the terminal price increases. The same price action is the micro whale TV, starting from November, the line price of the line are also raised, the range of 100 yuan, 300 yuan and other different ranges.
    According to Prospective Industry Research Institute "2016-2021 China LCD TV market outlook and investment planning analysis report" shows that the current domestic Internet TV brands in the market share of retail sales increased to 16%, the number of nearly 20, but these brands generally The use of products by OEM, sales on the line by the business model, the lack of manufacturing supply chain model of low-light assets there are many drawbacks. When the upstream raw material price changes, the downstream cost increases, in the case of limited subsidies, corporate funds can imagine the pressure. LCD panel prices are expected to continue or rise in the future, the major TV manufacturers are big challenges, the domestic television industry or will usher in a new round of reshuffle.