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LCD bittersweet layout to the future multi-point flowering
    Measured Samsung closed L7-1, the global 7-8.6 on behalf of the monthly production line area decreased by nearly 4.5%. 17 years the world's new 8-generation line with 3 to increase the planned incremental area to calculate the total area of about 126.5 million square meters, excluding the Samsung L7-1, next year the global 7-8.6 on behalf of the total line area of output Only a net increase of 4.1%. To emphasize that the downstream panel size to bring the relative contraction of production capacity relative to the shrinkage of the absolute out of the small manufacturers to 32-inch basis for the calculation, the panel size increased by 1 inch, then a 8.5-generation line glass substrate can be cut On the other hand, should not be limited to the absolute value of the panel price comparison, LCD price decline is built on the basis of cost reduction, the manufacturer's net profit margin compared to last year under the same price conditions Has been significantly improved.
    In the wave of large-scale popularization of smart phones, based on performance, appearance, brand culture into the marketing tool, effectively shortening the consumer replacement cycle, in the thousands or even million unit price of smart phone consumption process, Cultivate the consumer to pay the habit of 3 C products, consumption capacity rises. In the domestic panel industry, the rise of support, the smart TV price has become increasingly prominent, smart TV has become the "impulse to buy" products. Music TV as the 919 just 15 minutes super TV sales will exceed 302,000 units, based on the current brand TV panel inventory, the overall inventory level is more healthy to determine the future demand side of the demand side is expected to support the demand for the panel inventory boom.
    Mobile phone panel, the function of the machine and the low-end mobile phone is the main application areas of a-Si LCD, mobile phone display market to ensure the long tail effect of the BOE mobile LCD panel market space, OLED impact on the LCD more concentrated in the LTPS market. NB panel, the company in the fourth quarter of this year, a large-scale power brand NB market, first into the Apple NB supply chain, in the near future is to become a lot of international brands NB panel panel main suppliers, a single month NB panel shipments, LGD boarded the NB board under the leading shipping ship. Recent UHD-level NB panel in the power of new products, color, cost, and many other technical parameters are leading industry competitors, technical confidence to establish.