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Inventory of OLED display technology several major advantages
    After several years of development, OLED screen is becoming more popular, in the past been criticized yield problems and other issues to be resolved, the status of its next-generation display technology has been no shake. Brilliant 10 years of LCD technology, living space is being compressed, will gradually withdraw from the stage of history. The OLED has been able to replace the LCD technology host, mainly in the following major advantages.
    First of all, OLED technology to self-luminous, which is different from the traditional OLED LCD the most important features, and its other advantages are based on its self-luminous characteristics. As we all know, the LCD screen can not self-luminous, so the need for backlight, it will inevitably there will be "light leakage", black is not pure and other defects, and the OLED screen Mei Ge pixels are self-luminous, luminous efficiency , Lower energy consumption, black is more pure.
    Second, is the OLED "flexible" features, "the future of the OLED display, OLED look flexible display", with the curved screen, wearable equipment, the popularity of flexible display technology has become the trend of the times. The OLED is not free of backlight, the shape is very free, not only in the glass substrate manufacturing, you can also use plastic material production, such a flexible panel can easily produce curved screen, whether convex, concave, or front and rear hyperboloid display, Are able to easily competent.
    And, in all kinds of display devices, "light of" the development of OLED display than the LCD screen is more light on the advantages of highlighting out. Compared with the traditional LCD, OLED core layer thickness even more than a sheet of paper are a lot thin, of course, this is based on OLED self-luminous, without the need for backlighting.
    In addition, OLED screen also has a large viewing angle, high contrast, response time is very short, good seismic performance such as LCD unparalleled advantages, the user viewing the screen from all angles will not appear visual distortion, and High-speed response time is also a huge demand for gaming population, strong seismic performance is very suitable for high-speed sports or harsh environments.
    In addition to traditional mobile devices such as televisions, monitors and mobile phones, smart wearable devices and VR devices are the main development direction of the future technology industry, and the development of these industries in a very long period of time OLED technology is inseparable from the support, therefore, OLED to replace the LCD as a new generation of display technology is inevitable.