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How to buy liquid crystal display
      How to buy LCD screen, and now every household has a TV, then how do we choose a product of their own satisfaction, the following for you to introduce how to buy LCD screen:
     First; to find dead pixels, dead pixels, that is, the LCD screen can not display some of the small points of the image, the less the bad point that the better the quality of the display, on the contrary that the quality is poor. The TV contrast and brightness to a minimum, if the screen appears shiny dots, it shows the screen there is a dead pixel, the number of bad points in the following three, indicating that the product qualified, if more than 3 that the quality of the problem The

     Next, observe the reaction rate. LCD TV there is the problem of slow response, the screen will appear when the screen tail, lagging behind the situation, and now a good display response speed has been greatly improved, these phenomena are basically eliminated, the best time to buy DVD To observe, select the reaction speed of the product.

     Again, pick the viewing angle. LCD TV and other TV compared to the viewing angle is small, the TV offset from a certain point of view can not normally watch, try to choose a large viewing angle of the product, from the TV front gradually moving to both sides, until the normal can not see the screen, The greater the angle that can be offset, the greater the viewing angle.

     Finally, test the brightness. Low brightness has been plagued by the LCD TV's main problem, and now the technology has been greatly improved LCD TV brightness, in the purchase should be the brightness of the test, the higher the brightness that the better the quality of the display.

     The above is for you to tell how to identify the LCD screen is good or bad, and now the LCD screen on the market shoddy, to really become chaos because we have to buy LCD TV the biggest problem, so we must pay attention to the purchase of the above matter.