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Foreign trade protectionism rise, LED enterprises overseas expansion frustrated!
    With the rapid development of China's LED industry, China's LED business "out of" the country to develop the international market, a new LED display market growth. Focus on overseas markets, subject to foreign political changes and trade protection policy instability factors increase the risk of trade protectionism caused by the rise of industry LED display enterprise exports frustrated.
    This year India began to strictly enforce the import of BIS LED certification, as well as domestic did not get BIS certification of LED companies can not enter the Indian market, a direct impact on the Indian LED non-standard mainstream market of China LED export trade, and domestic production in line with the specifications of LED, The price has been and China's LED is similar to China's low-end LED market has been unable to form a price advantage, according to media reports, India October 31 the most important Diwali period, the production of LED products in China, the decline in sales in   Mumbai 30% to 50%. According to LED related industry sources pointed out that the domestic exports to India, the number of LED down nearly 八成.
    Europe and the United States market, the acquisition of China's three security optical obstruction of OSRAM, the Financial Times on November 15 published the title of "German trade union vowed to block the acquisition of Chinese-owned Osram," the report said the German metal industry union Bavaria branch president, "The acquisition is a significant risk that could lead to leakage of key technologies and customer cancellations," Kessler said. Wicksle said that in view of the risk "and the acquisition (OSRAM) workers may bring negative consequences, we will resolutely oppose any attempt to buy." In addition, the German Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Sigma Gabriel is the leader of protectionism. He said this year he was opposed to the acquisition of German robot maker KUKA by Chinese appliance maker Midea, while the German Ministry of Economy also withdrew approval from Aixtron, a Chinese-owned company (China's Fujian-Hongxin Fund) to acquire chip-equipment maker. At the same time, December 2, the US financial statement, President Barack Obama issued a presidential decree, "may threaten US national security" as an excuse to stop the acquisition of Fujian, China's macro core fund Aisiqiang semiconductor company. Also in the beginning of January 22, due to the opposition of the US regulatory authorities CFIUS, Philips to stop selling to its Chinese investors, lighting components and automotive lighting business.
    It is noteworthy that, by the 2016 global economic downturn, the prevalence of foreign trade protectionism trends, and the rapid development of China's LED business, as well as the pace of overseas mergers and acquisitions, causing the relevant countries in employment, technology security concerns, they Do not want China LED industry led LED market. In addition, the 2016 US presidential election of concern, should also cause the attention of the industry, the new and old government alternately, especially the candidate Trump and highly respected trade protectionism, to China LED display business as important in North America The market to increase a lot of unstable factors, the new US government to take economic policy remains to be seen.
    In short, the global market, especially the North American market, by the rise of trade protectionism and the impact of unstable economic factors, there are some changes, should cause China LED display industry concerns, calmly analyze the situation, and actively develop countermeasures, LED display enterprises in China to explore the international market a major test questions.