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For procurement of OLED screen pour, apple to LGD invest at least $1.7 billion
            According to phoneArena Beijing time on July 26, at the end of may from time to tome said LG Display plans to invest 4 trillion won, build a new mobile phone OLED Display factory in Korea. But LG Display investment obviously more than that, it said in a recent earnings, will be another 9.6 trillion won to OLED screen production business investment, industry observers say, apple may be LG Display to make the investment decision of the key factors.
             LG Display 9.6 trillion won investment plan, there are two separate parts: 5 trillion won to a mobile phone to OLED Display business, in addition with the company's existing 4.6 trillion won turned the large size of OLED Display business, such as TV sets. A total of 9.6 trillion won the investment scale of dubious indeed, because of LG Display cash reserves estimated at about 7 trillion won.
             This is apple comes in: LG Display of OLED Display business investment 9.6 trillion won, apple at least need to invest 2 trillion won ($1.7 billion). Rumors about apple, LG Display cooperation has emerged for a time, although both companies declined to confirm the cooperation, the industry observers point out that if the two companies failed to reach agreement, LG Display is unlikely to release such a big investment plans.
             As for apple investment returns of LG Display, is simple: purchasing LG Display the future production of OLED displays. As the iPhone 8 to OLED display, apple faces screen with the demand of embarrassment, hope the future will not repeat it. Indeed, internal sources said that apple's investment, will be used in the construction of a new OLED display production line, dedicated to the iPhone. A few days ago the news that apple will purchase OLED display manufacturing equipment. Therefore, the future of the iPhone screen will have three suppliers - apple, LG and samsung. IPhone 8 OLED display screen will be supplied by samsung.