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Flexible panel optimistic about the prospects for supply shortages
    With the introduction of smart phone manufacturers with more flexible models of the screen, flexible display shipments are expected to continue to grow after next year.
    According to the latest report from market research firm IHS Markit, shipments of flexible displays are expected to increase significantly next year as smartphone manufacturers introduce more models with soft screens, and the technology is expected to grow in the next few years. Will continue to grow.
    IHS Markit predicts that soft-display shipments will reach 139 million units in 2017, representing about 4 percent of total display shipments, and a 20 percent growth in flexible display shipments in 2017 compared to 2016. The agency also expects soft display shipments in the next few years will continue to grow, and in 2023 reached 560 million units.
    While smartphone applications account for 76 percent of soft-display shipments in 2016, IHS Markit said the real growth drivers for flexible displays will come from a broader range of electronic devices, including flat-panel devices, automotive displays and televisions.
    "Consumer electronics manufacturers will eventually change the design of their display devices from square to square-shaped surfaces, collapsible or reel-like, as long as they are more innovative and innovative," said IHS Markit Analyst Jerry Kang. The product roadmap becomes more mature. "
    In addition is expected in 2017 there will be more equipped with a soft display smart phone come out, including the next generation iPhone is expected to use soft AMOLED display.
    "As more new models are added to the market next year to attract consumers, smartphone makers will find themselves competing more fiercely for new products with dual-screen screens or foldable   AMOLED displays "However, Kang said, when the tight supply of soft displays will be a problem.
    Kang pointed out that smart phone manufacturers have put pressure on suppliers to ask suppliers for their new smart phone design to provide more flexible AMOLED display, but the tight supply problem is expected to Samsung Display and LG Display new plant started Production in order to ease, to support more with a smart display smart phone market.