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Color gamut analysis of professional monitor
    Recently, a large wave of professional banner banner of the display to enter the market. Professional display is mainly for a number of professional photographers, designers to design. Professional display the most basic requirement is that the picture quality is higher, full of rich colors. Judging whether a monitor can reach the professional display, mainly to see three indicators: 1. Color gamut; 2. Display chromatic number; 3. Color accuracy. This article will give you details of one of the three parameters of the color gamut.
    Color space, also known as the color space, is a color coding method, but also refers to a technical system can produce the sum of colors, it represents a color image can show the specific circumstances of color. At present, the monitor common color gamut types are: NTSC, sRGB, Adobe RGB and so on. These three gamut types can be interchanged.
    SRGB is currently the most popular color language protocol, it is developed by Microsoft-led display, print and scan a variety of computer peripherals and application software for a common color language. SRGB represents the standard (s) of red (R), green (G), blue (B) three basic colors, when sRGB color gamut value of 100% indicates that the display can display all sRGB color, 96% to 98% For the common level, ie the medium level, there are also more professional monitors that have reached 120% of sRGB. The smaller the value of sRGB, the poorer the display capability.
    Adobe RGB is a professional color gamut standard developed with photographic technology. It has a wider color space than sRGB. It contains CMYK color gamut, which sRGB does not have. For print, photography, design and other areas of professional users, the need for fine color image adjustment, select the Adobe RGB color gamut of the display is more appropriate.
    The NTSC color gamut is a color gamut space standard developed by the American Television Standards Committee. It is much wider than the sRGB gamut space, and the conversion formula between them is "100% SRGB = 72% NTSC", which does not mean 100% SRGB And 72% of the NTSC color gamut space to completely coincide, they are only the same area only. NTSC and Adobe RGB conversion formula is "100% Adobe RGB = 95% NTSC". NTSC is mainly used for wide gamut TV standard, some very professional wide color gamut display is also the color gamut standard.
    In short, the so-called wide gamut is more than 72% NTSC color gamut of all other color gamut. Among the three, NTSC color space is the most extensive, followed by Adobe RGB, and finally sRGB. For ordinary users, 100% sRGB color gamut can be; and for photography and other professional needs of the user, you need to pay attention to Adobe RGB color gamut standards; NTSC and Adobe RGB and relatively close, the difference between the two Smaller, the actual display screen color closer to the real scene, there will not be over-saturation problem.