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China's color TV panel shipments is expected to reach the world's first year
    2016 Annual China Intelligent Display and Innovation Application Industry Conference and CRC 2016 Annual TV Industry Research Conference held in Beijing yesterday (11), electronic video industry association Deputy Secretary-General Peng Jianfeng said, had to talk about flat panel display color TV industry chain, because The entire flat panel display in the TV share is too high. Currently the world has formed China, South Korea, Japan and China Taiwan four bases. In the entire investment, the Chinese mainland is the most concentrated, of which China accounted for half of a total of 12 flat-panel production line, the future release of most of the production capacity in mainland China, will lead to large-size color TV growth.
    Peng Jianfeng said that China's color TV panel shipments accounted for 31% of global shipments ranked third, not including foreign investment in China to set up factories, is expected to be ranked second next year, the year after the reach of the world's first scale.